Jerry is a Christian, husband & father, political outsider, and small-business owner who knows what it means to sign the front and back of a paycheck. He is not a politician. As an educator of 20 years who has invested in the lives of numerous children and adults, Jerry understands what it means to serve our community. Jerry believes that leadership starts with service, honesty, integrity, and is fueled by compassion. Now, he’s running to get Americans out of the economic rut in which we now find ourselves, and to create a brighter future full of opportunity for Illinois’ next generation.

Jerry first moved to the Chicago suburbs to attend Wheaton College, where he received a degree in music. After graduating, Jerry founded a school of music in the Chicago suburbs. Having begun as a one-man shop, his business has since grown exponentially, now instructing nearly 300 students and employing 15 staff members in our community. Jerry attributes his school’s success to his commitment to his students, passion for music, and consistent hard work. He has been featured on six Christian worship albums and currently teaches guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele.

Even as Jerry uses music to communicate his faith, he knows actions can speak louder than words. That’s why he has spent considerable time mentoring young adults, training missionaries, and has made 10+ mission trips to places like India, Mexico, and South Africa to further spread God’s word. He also actively serves in his local church. Today, Jerry lives in Warrenville with his wife, Lisa, and sons, Michael & Levi.